We fight tirelessly for our clients to help them receive the compensation they deserve.

We have an excellent track record of winning cases that others have said are “unwinnable.”


Below are just a few examples of recent success stories.


  • Ms J was run down by two vehicles, suffering serious orthopaedic and internal injuries.

Out of work for two years, we managed to secure funding for her rehabilitation programme and also interim payments while the case was still ongoing. This allowed our client to meet the cost of her daily living expenses.

The claim settled for £200,000.


  • Mr R had been run over. His previous firm of solicitors advised that the claim was only worth a few thousand pounds compensation.

We took over the case and ultimately secured in excess of £20,000 for our client.


  • Our client was a passenger in a car which suffered a collision with a police car. Liability for the accident was initially denied by the police. Unhappy with delays at her previous solicitors, the accident victim sought advice from NW Law solicitors.

Time off work was necessary to undergo regular physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, which resulted in additional expenses and a loss of earnings.

We fought for interim payments for our client, which enabled her to get the treatment she needed so she could start to get on with her life.

The matter later settled for almost £30,000.

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