Professional Negligence

Are you unhappy with the quality of the service that you received at another firm, with regards to your personal injury claim? Or do you feel that you have been caused a financial loss due to the lack of care at your previous solicitors? You may have grounds to claim for professional negligence.

NW Law can offer help with many examples of possible professional negligence, arising from personal injury claims.

- Solicitors can miss time limits, rendering a client unable to pursue their claim.


- Cases can also be undervalued by solicitors – meaning that a client will settle at a lower amount and receive less compensation than they could have done.


- You may feel that your previous solicitors did not properly prepare the case, resulting in a poor outcome.


NW Law have great experience of success in dealing with claims of negligence – particularly where previous solicitors have under-valued or under-settled.

If you believe that your case may have been under-settled – we can work out for you what your claim would have been worth if it had gone to plan and then claim against your previous solicitors and their insurers.


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