How Much Will it Cost to Make a Claim?

I think that I might have a claim for personal injury, but I am worried about the cost involved.


This is always a worry for anyone who is injured in an accident that was not their own fault.

Your initial advice is free.

Contact us and one of our experts will be able to assess whether or not you may have a claim. If so, we will discuss how best to proceed from that point.

Cases are run on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. If your claim is ultimately unsuccessful, you do not have to worry about paying a fee for our work.


However, government changes last April mean that, if your claim is successful, the costs of instructing a solicitor may now be taken from any compensation that you receive.


With this in mind, we assess each case on its own merits so that we don’t charge any unnecessary fees – and we aim to beat any quote.

Our advice at this stage is to contact us for more information.

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One of our friendly experts will then be able to discuss the options that are open to you in more detail.