We are celebrating our 6th birthday this week.

Although NW Law itself is only young, collectively we have over 100 years of experience in personal injury litigation.

Every birthday, it’s nice to take stock of what’s happened to us over the years—both within NW Law and outside of the company, in the law in general.


NW Law Birthday CakeI set up on my own on 28th April 2008 with the intention of creating the kind of firm that I would like to be a part of: one where the clients get the treatment they deserve.

I had previously worked at both small and larger firms and wanted to take the best bits of each and create something different: a supportive, friendly firm where people could flourish.

At NW Law, we really are a family. We believe that our clients deserve a friendly, personal service. There is a saying that if your staff are happy then your clients will be happy. I firmly believe that to be true.



I am proud to see what we have achieved in the last six years. I have personally completed a postgraduate qualification in legal management and received an award for being “outstanding” from the Association of Women Solicitors. I have stood as the regional co-ordinator for the Motor Accident Solicitors Society and continue to work with them, fighting for the rights of accident victims.


Fighting to put the record straight.

Over the last couple of years, I have been dismayed to see the battering that the government has laid out at the request of the insurers.


In my opinion, insurance companies are simply self serving money making machines. They do not care about the man who cannot feed his family because he is out of work due to an accident or the person whose life has been shattered by a head injury. They care about money and their shareholders.

Insurer Offering Cash for Quick Settlement

(image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net, Grant Cochrane)



The media image of a compensation culture is scare mongering and is simply not borne out by the facts.


Various figures are bandied about by the newspapers about how much car insurance has gone up due to whiplash claims but when the costs were reduced by 60% 18 months ago, have the premiums dropped by that much? Of course they haven’t. One insurer reported a drop of under 2%. 2% !! They think the British public are gullible and stupid.

I am proud to be a part of MASS who tirelessly fight to put the record straight.


Did you know that the insurers are now lobbying to stop compensation in most cases altogether and to raise the minimum limit before you can have a solicitor to act for you?

Sadly the insurance companies have the ear of the government who seem hell bent on reducing access to justice for British people. Only this month we have seen the average Court fee for proceedings go up from just over £200 to nearly £450. It’s just obscene.




I am proud to be part of a firm that continues to put the client first and lobbies for retention of access to justice.


So, Happy Birthday NW Law!  And here’s looking to the next 6 years—and the next and the next…….


Naomi Wilson – Solicitor/Director



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