Pancakes All Round!

It’s Shrove Tuesday today. Time to grab the frying pan and start flipping some pancakes!

Pancakes are traditionally made on this day as a way of using up rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar before the lenten fast.

A pancake race is one event that can be found in some places around the country today. Participants are armed with a frying pan and attempt to race through the streets, tossing pancakes as they run.

In some parts of England, “mob football” matches are held on Shrove Tuesday. A chaotic version of our national game, hundreds of participants chase the ball through the town or village streets.

We kept things a little bit safer in the office today. Naomi Wilson took control of the hob to make delicious pancakes for all the staff.

The difficult part was deciding which toppings to go for!

Naomi Wilson making pancakes for all the staff

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