What to Look Out for Following a Head Injury

A head injury can be life changing.

In today’s blog post NW Law’s director, Naomi Wilson, tells of her unfortunate experience last month when suffering an accident and injuring her head.

Now back on the mend, the incident inspired Naomi to look at some of the complications that people can encounter following head injuries and how we at NW Law can help with such cases, from major to minor.

Well it’s been an eventful couple of weeks for me…

To let off steam last month, myself and Claire Hutchinson decided to take a day off and de-stress by going for skiing lessons.

All started well and, apart from a hilarious tumble on the ski lift, we were picking up the techniques no problem.

What happened next is still a blur……

I was standing talking to the instructor on the nursery slope. On setting off to move, I fell backwards hitting my head on the ice. I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

I don’t remember what followed. Apparently, I fell in and out of consciousness for quarter of an hour. I didn’t know where I was or what had happened when I came round.Cue a visit to hospital in an ambulance where I was checked over and later allowed to leave.

Headaches, general fogginess and hip/back pain have followed and I am under further medical review and having physical therapy.

Fortunately my injury seems fairly minor. It should have no lasting effects, touch wood, other than perhaps a dislike of skiing! It was, however, very frightening. The ensuing forgetfulness and confusion was very worrying.

brain injuryAt NW Law, we act for clients who have suffered head injuries from the minor to the major including a claim valued at over £5 million. This really brought home to me how much an injury like this can change your life.

According to Headway, the brain injury association, over 1 million people are living with a head injury at present in the UK.

If you or anyone you know suffers a head injury in an accident, you need immediate specialist advice.

The initial diagnosis of the severity of injury is not necessarily a good indication of whether any long-term problems might arise.

Also, the effect on the family unit can be devastating and relationships can be placed under immense strain. It is wise to keep an eye on the injured person and look out for any signs of a change in behaviour.

Some signs of problems to look out for following head injuries are:

•    A change in behaviour and personality
Anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, difficulty controlling anger, and impulsivity.

•    Cognitive
Problems with memory, attention and concentration, low tolerance of noisy or stressful environments, loss of insight and initiative.

•    Physical
Loss of co-ordination, muscle rigidity, paralysis, epilepsy, difficulty in speaking, loss of sight, smell or taste, fatigue, and sexual problems.

We have considerable experience in helping clients making a claim. We also assist in ensuring you get early treatment. This will enable you to put your life back together and make sure that you are provided for financially in the future.

Feel free to call either myself or Claire Hutchinson on 0161 772 9922. 


Naomi Wilson

About Naomi Wilson

Naomi Wilson founded NW Law in 2008. She is the Director of the firm and has over 16 years experience as a Solicitor dealing with Personal Injury claims. Naomi received the accolade “Highly Commended” from the Association of Women Solicitors at their awards ceremony in 2011.
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