Why Choosing the Right Lawyer Can Make a Big Difference to Your Claim

Not all “whiplash” and neck injury claims are straightforward -  choosing the right lawyer to deal with your claim can make a big difference.

Man suffering from neck pain

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Our client was a passenger in a car that was waiting and indicating to turn right. As the driver did so, a police car approached—without sirens—and collided with the passenger side of the vehicle. Liability for the accident was initially denied by the police.

Unhappy with delays at her previous solicitors, the accident victim sought advice from NW Law solicitors.

Claire Hutchinson, a solicitor with many years experience in personal injury, looked at the case. Claire went through the details and gave a second opinion.


Following this meeting, the client decided to switch to NW Law.

She was suffering from an injury to her neck which caused significant pain.

Time off work was necessary to undergo regular physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, which resulted in additional expenses and a loss of earnings. She also became a very nervous passenger—one of the often unseen consequences of such accidents.

Claire Hutchinson tells us, “Many people suffer with whiplash following road traffic accidents. The common misconception is that this is an insignificant injury. This case proves that, quite often, it can lead to permanent life altering injuries which can require extensive treatment.”

“Choosing the right lawyer is very important. Accident victims should always seek the advice of a qualified solicitor.”


Without seeking proper legal advice, what would the result have been for our client?


It is sometimes the case that the responsible driver’s insurers will attempt to contact the injured person direct to offer a quick settlement of a case for as little as £1500.

Claims Management Companies, who often act for injured persons with an agreement to take a proportion of their damages, may also push for a quick settlement so that they receive an early payment.

Would either have taken in to account the ongoing symptoms and extensive medical treatment that our client required?

Claire’s experience and knowledge enabled her to fight for interim payments for our client, which enabled her to get the treatment she needed so she could start to get on with her life. The matter later settled for almost £30,000.

This case goes to demonstrate why you need to instruct a qualified, expert injury lawyer.

Don’t be enticed by offers of cash upfront payments or quick settlements. You don’t know how your injuries will turn out and you don’t need the pressure of a company who has advanced you cash only to want to settle your claim quickly to get that back. You need someone who looks after you and your needs rather than treating you like a legal case.    


NW Law provide free initial advice—without obligation. If your case is taken on, we can deal with it on a no win, no fee basis.

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