Winter Weather Accidents – Your Questions Answered

Wind and rain has been the main feature this winter, but there are still predictions that we have a “big freeze” yet to come.

In our second Q&A session with the Bury Times,  we focus on winter weather accidents—particularly slipping on ice.

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I slipped on ice outside the supermarket in their car park and broke my wrist. I have been off work for six weeks and am falling behind with my mortgage payments. Can I make a claim and how much compensation would I get?  


When an accident occurs on private land due to snow or ice, it may be possible to claim compensation from the owners of the land or those in charge of its maintenance and upkeep.


Supermarkets, shops and other commercial premises must take “all reasonable measures” to ensure that their visitors are kept safe while on their land.


This means that the owners/managers must take in to account weather forecasts, have salt in stock to melt the ice, clear pathways through snow, put up warning signs if necessary or close any pathways that cannot be cleared. If they haven’t taken enough steps then they will be found liable to you for your compensation and their insurers will have to pay you compensation.


For a broken wrist, it will depend on how severe the break was, whether an operation was needed and whether you will need surgery in the future—the present guidelines are between £3000-6000 and up to £40,000 for, depending on these factors. In addition you can claim for loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses such as treatment and travel costs. If you fall into arrears with your mortgage you should also be able to claim any late payment fees charged by your lender. In addition, you will be able to have all medical treatment privately rather than waiting on the NHS queue enabling you to get on with your recovery.


Accidents from slipping on ice can occur in many places—at work or in public places. There is more information on our website

For all winter weather accidents – and accidents of any kind, the best course of action is to call us for FREE advice on 0161 772 9922.


At NW Law, we are Personal Injury EXPERTS and we would be happy to discuss whether or not you have the right to claim compensation for your accident.


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