Fun DIY Halloween Lanterns

Now that Halloween is here, we have decided to dispense with our usual legal updates on the NW Law blog and thought that we would do something a little bit more fun.

Pumpkins are, of course, the traditional method of decoration for the 31st October.  Go out for a walk tonight and you will see some wonderful carvings outside many houses on Halloween.

However, here is something a little different – the NW Law guide to making your very own Halloween lanterns using some old jars and tissue paper.

Spooky Hallowe'en Lanterns

The lanterns give a wonderfully spooky, shadowy glow to your rooms, they are great fun to make and could even be taken around on the trick-or-treat run.

To make the lanterns, you will need:

- PVA Glue

- Coloured Tissue Paper (Orange, Black)

- Black Clip Art Halloween Shapes (or your own drawings) – Bats, Witches, Gravestones etc.,

- A Very Clean Jar (jam jar, for instance – not too deep).

- Tea Light Candles (I actually recommend battery powered tea lights, as the jar may make it difficult to light ordinary ones).

First of all, rip the orange tissue paper in to small squares of around an inch to two inches. Then brush glue on the outside of the jar.

Stick the orange shreds of tissue paper on to the jar, covering the outside of it. Don’t worry about over-lapping or wrinkling the paper, that all adds to the charm and effect.

Once covered, you can then add your black silhouettes to the outside in any pattern you like.

Finally, once dry, place your tea light inside, turn out the lights, and watch the warm glow or the dancing shadows!

And wait for the “ooooooohhhhh!”


A different version of this article appeared on Yahoo!, written by our own Stuart Cofield.
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