Accident Victims Still Encouraged to Instruct Solicitors

During the summer, we highlighted and supported The Law Society’s “Don’t Get Mugged by an Insurer” campaign which encouraged personal injury accident victims to instruct solicitors, rather than accept the first offer on the table.


The controversial, but effective campaign ruffled a few feathers within the insurance industry, but was necessary according to the The Law Society, who defended the campaign stating that with limited marketing budgets, their adverts need to be eye-catching and memorable.


Advert by The Law Society Encouraging to Instruct Solicitors in Accident Claims

Don’t Get Mugged By An Insurer


The aim was to educate innocent accident victims to think twice before saying “yes” to the first compensation payment offer that is made to them and to take the advice of a solicitor.


The benefits speak for themselves – on average, those that do take legal advice from a qualified solicitor receive 2-3 times more compensation than those who accept that first offer from an insurer.

So, whilst the summer campaign by The Law Society may be over, the core message of their advert remains. 

An early offer from an insurer is aimed to settle the claim quickly and often results in a lower amount being offered than the injuries may warrant.


This is due to the offer being made so soon after the accident and many factors that will later come to light will not be taken in to account in this initial offer, such as: medical treatment, time off work, alternative transport arrangements etc.


It is therefore vital that legal advice is sought from qualified solicitors, who will be aware of these factors and can guide you through the process and maximise your compensation.


Did you notice the campaign? Were you aware of the issues beforehand, or did this campaign draw your attention to it?




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