Thinking of making a claim following an accident?


Safeguard yourself against losing out on the compensation you deserve.


  • Some solicitors take as much as 25% of your compensation to pay their fees if successful – make sure you don’t get ripped off with excess charges.


We assess each case on its own merits so that we don’t charge any unnecessary fees – and we aim to beat any quote.



  • Insurance companies may try and get you to settle for less than your claim is worth – get advice from qualified solicitors and don’t let the insurance company win!


Speak to our experts before anyone else, we will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.


Portrait of Naomi Wilson, Director

Naomi Wilson – Director

NW Law are a team of qualified, expert personal injury solicitors. We have a wealth of experience and as we are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you can rest assured that the service we provide is of the highest quality. More importantly, we won’t charge you any unnecessary fees.


Many firms stating that they specialise in accident claims are actually what is known as a “Claims Management Company.” Not legally qualified, they act as middle-men or marketers – cannot deal with court proceedings and will pass your claim on to a firm of Solicitors, whom you may never have met, adding extra time and cost.


Often, once large law firms have received your claim from the Claims Management Company, they will allocate it to a team of inexperienced paralegals, who will add it to a pile of claims.


How much does it cost to make a claim?


Under new legislation, if successful your Solicitor can take up to 25% of the compensation awarded to you as their fees – and with the added costs involved due to their relationship with a Claims Management Company, up to 25% is likely to MEAN 25% of YOUR compensation.

Just think – 25% of the fees that you deserve as compensation for your injuries could be taken off you to pay for a middle-man, who has done minimal work on your claim, and for the privilege of your claim being passed to an inexperienced junior to deal with.


What does NW Law do that is different?

  • Firstly, we cut out the middle-man. Why pay for him, when you can contact us direct?


Portrait of Claire Hutchinson, Solicitor

Claire Hutchinson, Solicitor

You will have direct access to the solicitor that is dealing with your claim.


  • Secondly, every case is different. NW Law’s expert solicitors individually assess every case – unlike some other firms, who treat each case the same and charge you 25% of your compensation regardless of the size or nature of the claim.

Following this assessment, we will discuss with you the position regarding fees and what level you may be expected to pay from your compensation if successful.








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Even if you have already received a quote from elsewhere – contact us anyway

We will aim to beat any quote that you have been given.




How do I beat the insurance company?


Insurance companies want you to accept the lowest amount of compensation they can get away with. It saves them time and money.

According to the Financial Services Authority, if accident victims consult a solicitor, they could receive two or three times the amount initially offered by insurers.



Again, Be Smart!


Our experience at NW Law is that we have never failed to beat the initial offer that has been made directly by an insurer to a claimant, prior to our involvement.


Following the FSA’s study, The Law Society began the“Don’t get mugged by an insurer” campaign – for more information, please read our article here.




So, If you’ve had an accident or injury:


  • Think twice about who you instruct to deal with your claim.
  • Before you say ‘yes’ to the first compensation payment that you are offered -  speak to us.

Our qualified solicitors are experts in their field and they will fight to ensure that YOU don’t get mugged by an insurer.


Contact our friendly team who are here to help you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.


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